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Thread: Infected by malware

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    Infected by malware

    I have the Dell Studio XPS 13 laptop with me and configuration is Intel Core2 Duo Processor T9800, NVIDIA GeForce 9400M G, 4GB RAM, 512G HDD, Windows Xp. I use this laptop for both entertainment and business work purpose. i access/use internet on everyday basis. Use internet for mailing, surfing and downloading various files purpose. I use AVG 7free version antivirus. Recently my AVG shoed an alert that has been detected. I don't what this malware does and how to remove it?? Please somebody to overcome this malware.

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    Re: Infected by malware

    The alert(i.e detected) is one of the type of trojan horse. The Trojan horse attacks are consider has one of the most highly risked threats to computer security. This trojans are executable programs, which means that when you open the infected file, it will perform some action's. The origin of this is not yet found. And it is not that highly risk also. To remove this malware or trojan, make your trial/free version of AVG to the licensed version and you will be able to delete it.

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    Re: Infected by malware

    The BackDoor-CKB is aliases of Troj/PcClien-ID trojan . This is a backdoor trojan which will allow a remote intruder to take/have access and control over the your computer. When this trojan it copies itself into <Temp>\@BEde.exe and create a file updjsjas.sys and this file is detected as Troj/PcClien-ID trojan. It also modifies registry key also. Uninstall the AVG free version and install licensed version of McAfee and remove this trojan.

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    Re: Infected by malware

    According to me, the is backdoor type of trojan horse and this backdoor trojans are very dangerous. A backdoor is secret or unrecognized files getting into your machine or it may be software that uses such a files to harm a system. The backdoor is placed by the programmer in some software, through which they can take access to troubleshoot or change the program. So, in order to safe from backdoor trojans use registered version of antivirus which can detect them and remove/delete also.

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    Re: Infected by malware

    There are various type of BackDoor-CKB trojans and is one of them. This trojan is made to steal all important information, unknowingly download and run malicious content from the remote server. When the executable is running on the victim system, the trojan injects itself into the Internet Explorer process and copies itself in many location. This can be solved by installing the licensed/register version of antivirus.

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    Re: Infected by malware

    I knowledge about the trojan horse says that , on detection of this trojan, it will have ability to steal the key logging or password of the the library component. It is consider as a generic detection that is identified by traits or techniques which are known to suspicious methods of intercepting a user keystroke. It also interact with the web browser through the libraries infected by this trojan. Convert the free version of AVG to the full register version. And your problem will be solved.

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