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Thread: Problems in AVG 9

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    Problems in AVG 9

    Hello friends, I was using AVG 8.0 on my desktop computer earlier which I updated to AVG 9.0 recently. After upgrading, AVG is not working properly. Whenever the computer is restarted the Resident shield of AVG is not active and it shows that the system has not been scanned which actually have been scanned just before restarting. I have CCleaner utility installed on my computer other than AVG. But i dont think that is causing the problem. I am using a computer with specifications Intel Pentium 3 processor and 128mb ram with operating system Windows XP. Please suggest some solutions, so as to make AVG work properly.

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    Re: Problems in AVG 9

    As the earlier version of the AVG was working fine on your computer, there must be something wrong with the currently installed version. May be the updating process did not complete properly. While updating software's online, many people face problems with corrupt installation due to fluctuating net connection. I would suggest you to uninstall AVG first. After uninstallation remove all the files and folders which are related to AVG. Then download the AVG 9.0 setup from the official site and then install it on your system.

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    Re: Problems in AVG 9

    The system configuration of your computer is does not match with the minimum requirement of AVG 9.0. Many applications dont work properly if their minimum requirements are not satisfied by the system. Always check the minimum system requirements of the application before installing as it may prove fatal for the system. AVG requires minimum of 512mb ram to function properly but your system ram is 128 which is creating problem I think. Upgrade the RAM so that the application will work without any problems.

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    Re: Problems in AVG 9

    Is there any application named "ASK TOOLBAR" installed on your computer? If yes then it is the reason for AVG not working properly. ASK toolbar is a free utility which was available with earlier versions of AVG. This utility is not compatible with the current version of AVG and hence creates various problems in smooth running of AVG. Uninstalling this utility from the computer will solve all your problems related to AVG. Before installing AVG this software should be removed. If AVG is already installed then remove AVG first and then remove ASK toolbar. Only after uninstalling ASK toolbar, install AVG.

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    Re: Problems in AVG 9

    The Realtime shield of AVG and the last scan reports of AVG are saved in temporary files. If this temporary files get deleted when the system restarts then AVG will show Real time shield as not active and Last complete scan as not completed. As you have CCleaner utility installed on your computer, it is deleting all the temporary files of AVG. Hence when the computer is restarted, AVG shows Last scan not completed and Real time shield not active. Uninstall or disable the Ccleaner utility and then see if AVG works normally or not.

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    Re: Problems in AVG 9

    Resident shield of AVG is not working properly because of the system memory. You system is too low on system memory to activate the Resident shield. Resident shield of AVG requires continuous scan of the files which are used by the computer, therefore it requires lots of processing and usage system memory. Also the last scan reports are not saved because of the invalid entries in windows registry. Open the registry editor and then find and locate these keys
    Now remove the following entries from the key "INITSTARTFAILED" and save the registry. After saving the registry restart the computer. Now you will be able to see the last scan results.

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