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Thread: Help with Win32/Tedroo.A

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    Help with Win32/Tedroo.A

    Recently my friend's computer was attacked by some Win32/Tedroo.A Trojan. The computer was having AMD athlon 64 bit processor and MSI motherboard. The operating system installed was Windows Vista. The Trojan was sending spam mails through the configured email address to the contacts in the list. How can this Trojan be deleted ?

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    Set Windows Firewall

    Always use a Firewall to protect your computer against malicious programs and hackers attacks. For users of Windows it is preferred that they should always have the firewall turned on. I am aware of how to turn on the firewall for Windows Vista if the Firewall is turned off.
    • Go the Windows Orb and click on Control Panel.
    • Select Security.
    • Now over here select the Windows Firewall option
    • Select the Turn Windows Firewall on or off option.
    • Click On (recommended).
    • And finally press OK to apply the selected settings.

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    Win32/Tedroo.A attacked Acer Aspire 5738

    I had brought a new Acer Aspire 5738 laptop which I had hardly used for a week and it was attacked by the Win32/Tedroo.A trojan. My anti-virus Avira was also attacked by this Win32/Tedroo.A trojan. I straight away un-installed the Avira anti-virus and installed Avast anti virus which deleted the Trojan from my laptop. So my suggestion to you is to download Avast anti virus and install it on your computer.

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    Information on Win32/Tedroo.A

    Microsoft announces alert levels for for viruses, trojans, and such related malicious programs. It has also identified the Win32/Tedroo.A as Spammer:Win32/Tedroo.A and has marked it with Severe alert level. This Trojan is basically designed to send spam emails with the help pg the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) servers.

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    Scan your system in Safe Mode

    In case if your system is any time infected by an virus or related threat it is always better to boot your system in Safe mode and then run a full system scan to detect and delete the virus or related program. My system was also infected by a trojan which I was successful in terminating it in Safe mode. The system can be booted in Safe mode by re booting the system and pressing the function key- f8.

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    System Format

    My recommendation is to first run a full system scan. In case this does solves the issue then try to install some other anti virus which is the latest legal version. Even if this is not working then I guess the virus has made an entry in the registry which is a tedious process to pin point the exact location to delete it. I thus suggest you make a back up of your required data and then format your system to complete remove the virus code.

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