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Thread: Win32.Bagle.FO@mm is slowing down my pc.

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    Win32.Bagle.FO@mm is slowing down my pc.

    My personal computer is working very slowly. First I have no idea why personal computer is working slowly but then I scanned my personal computer then I have found a worm name Win32.Bagle.FO@mm . I am trying to delete this worm from my personal computer but I am unable to do so. Can anybody suggest me some antivirus for removing this worm from my computer and also suggest me some of the preventive measures.

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    Re: Win32.Bagle.FO@mm is a worm

    This threat is classified as a Worm - Mass Mailer. A mass mailing e-mail worm is self-contained malicious code that propagates by sending itself via e-mail. Typically, a mass mailing e-mail worm uses its own SMTP engine to send itself, thus copies of the sent worm will not appear in the infected user’s outgoing or sent e-mail folders. This threat is detected by the Microsoft antivirus engine.

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    Re: Files related to Win32.Bagle.FO@mm

    If your personal computer is hit by the worm “Win32.Bagle.FO@mm” then you will find vcremoval.dll in your %WINDIR% directory, win32lib.exe in your %SYSDIR% directory. Win32.Bagle.FO@mm worm comes as an attachment in an email or it uses peer to peer application for spreading. Once this worm enters your personal computer the it will drop vcremoval.dll and win32lib.exe.

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    Re: Remove Win32.Bagle.FO@mm from personal computer

    For removing this worm from your personal computer reboot your computer in safe mode. After that scan your system with any virus removal tool and delete all the files related to this Win32.Bagle.FO@mm worm. Clean temporary internet files folder because it contains all the files which download while you are surfing the internet.

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    Re: MSIL.Cxover.A another virus affecting my pc

    Thank you for the reply now my system is working fine but now I am suffering with another kind of virus which is named as “MSIL.Cxover.A”. My current antivirus is detecting this virus but not removing this virus from my personal computer. Can anybody suggest me some better antivirus software which can solve my problem.

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    Re: Download avast for removing virus

    I will suggest you to download avast antivirus it will definitely remove this virus from your personal computer. The spreading speed of this virus is low but the damage it causes is very high. So as soon as possible download the free edition of avast antivirus which is also known avast for home edition. Basically this antivirus is available for free on the internet and better than any other antivirus available in the market.

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