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Thread: Help with Win32/Faitypelf.B backdoor and Win32/Hamweq.E worm

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    Help with Win32/Faitypelf.B backdoor and Win32/Hamweq.E worm

    I need to gather information on Win32/Faitypelf.B backdoor and Win32/Hamweq.E worm. My computer is never been infected by any of these security threats but I have an assignment to be covered on these two malicious programs. Also suggest anti virus to remove these malicious programs in case the system is infected by them.

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    Worm: Win32/Hamweq.E

    Here are the aliases for the Win32/Hamweq.E on different anti viruses and security tools.
    For Norman its W32/Smalltroj.EMMO, for McAfee its W32/, for Kaspersky its and for Symantec its Backdoor.IRC.Bot.
    I am using McAfee and I gives security to your machine if it is updated periodically.

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    Description of Win32/Hamweq.E worm

    The worm Win32/Hamweq.E is a malicious programs which intends to expand itself to other computers mostly through removable media which includes flash drive. To allow the hacker to gain access to the infected computer it makes use of the IRC-based backdoor. It then attacks the user of the infected machine with the Denial of Service attacks.

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    Trojan: Win32/Faitypelf.B

    I can tell you about the Trojan: Win32/Faitypelf.B, because this Trojan was present on my Compaq Presario CQ40-315AU laptop. The is Trojan that enables stealing of data by remote attacker. The main communication media between the Trojan and the attacker is MSN Messenger protocol. Check the registry editor to see if your registry key HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion contains a value msnbot to indicate the presence of this Trojan.

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    Prevention against Malicious programs.

    I suggest in case your system is attacked by Win32/Faitypelf.B or Win32/Hamweq.E or any other such security threats then download AVAST anti virus, The reason being its Boot Time Scan unique characteristics that enables to scan your computer even before the operating system is loaded, thereby not allowing the virus or malicious program to infect your operating system.

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    Symptoms of Win32/Hamweq.E

    If your desktop or laptop computer includes the above files then it does indicates that your computer is infected by the malicious program Win32/Hamweq.E. My desktop was infected by this worm and I had no other options rather than to format my C drive and re-install the operating system. I recommend to install Norton Internet Security or AVG or McAfee or Symantec anti virus to protect you computer from such attacks.

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