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Thread: Win32/SpywareIsolator and Win32/Antivirus2009 information

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    Win32/SpywareIsolator and Win32/Antivirus2009 information

    For my next week assignment I have gather information on two Rogue Security programs- Win32/SpywareIsolator and Win32/Antivirus2009. Both the programs are fake security programs. I have to research on them. So please provide any information and technical details that any one has about these viruses and also removal methods and anti virus suggestion.

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    Fake Security Tool: Antivirus2009

    My Asus K40IJ-VX100A laptop computer was attacked by the virus Win32/Antivirus2009 of the fake security tool Antivirus 2009. I initially thought it to be a product of Windows but then later on I learnt that it was a fake security tool. All alerts and warning displayed by this Antivirus 2009 are untrue. The whole intention is to guide the user to purchase the fake security tool, thereby allowing easy access to user's machine.

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    Screenshots of SpywareIsolator rogue security program

    I had the Win32/SpywareIsolator infection on my computer and following are the images of the fake warnings generated by this rogue security program:

    The SpywareIsolator will display the following icon:

    Use a proper anti virus to safeguard against such rogue security programs.

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    SpywareIsolator inforamtion

    SpywareIsolator is a fake anti virus program. I had by mistaken installed it on my Dell desktop. This fake program will try to convince the user on the host machine to buy this fake anti virus program by poping up misleading and false alerts about the computer security. To block such fake programs always enable the Firewall for your computer.

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    Win32/Antivirus2009 infection.

    Yes the Antivirus2009 application is a fake security tool. Do not install this program on your computer at all.

    This program also creates a fake Windows Security Center page to make the user feel that it is not a fake program after clicking on the system tray icon of Antivirus2009:

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    Avast anti virus to remove fake anti virus

    On infecting a host machine, the SpywareIsolator fake utility creates the following folders on the infected host machine:
    %AllUsersProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\spywareisolator
    My suggestion is that you download Avast anti virus and install it in your machine. I have been using Avast since that last two years and have had no issues with any virus, trojans, worms or any malicious program.

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