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Thread: How is a usb infected by virus

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    How is a usb infected by virus

    What is the procedure by which a USB drive is infected. I had faced this a number of time. Every time when I connect my pen drive to a system it shows a virus warning. How to check o or stop a virus entering a system. How a pen drive is infected by a virus. Just by connecting the system many threats enters. How can I get rid from this.

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    Re: How is a usb infected by virus

    The infection can spread to the Removable Storage: USB, Flash, etc. The nature of these infections is classic. Most common are AdobeR.exe, Ravmon.exe, copy.exe, host.exe, Svchost.exe, etc. Regardless of their propagation vector being the subject, these infections are classics in their avowed purpose. These infections once present on your pc act as a good trojan. They enable remote access to your system, download code on the net change entries in the registry, etc. You can put a usb antivirus in your system.

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    Re: How is a usb infected by virus

    The specific purpose of each course depends on the variation encountered. Indeed, this type of infection spread on removable media has a bright future ahead of them in all areas where computers may be used by several people: ( colleges, schools, cafes, etc.). All locations are concentrated on the pc which are traded frequently and plug removable media. The infection very well this is not inevitable, and a minimum of rigor and common sense would suffice to eradicate it easily. Scan your removable media before using.

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    Re: How is a usb infected by virus

    This will copy and paste automatically on your USB drive files related to infection, the attributes "hidden" and "System". Infections in effect disable the display of hidden files and folders in case where you have activated these options display. So you will not see the presence of these files on the infected PC, and the key. The attribute "system" will terrify you if you want to delete them manually presenting a warning message windows. Next variants, these files are not the same, but there will almost always an Autorun.inf file that is allowing it to spread and will receive our full attention.

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