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Thread: Outpost firewall vs comodo firewall

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    Outpost firewall vs comodo firewall

    outpost firewall vs comodo firewall which one is better? What are the advantage of outpost firewall over comodo firewall. I need firewall to monitor incoming and outgoing network traffic, there are 5 computers connected in network. All the computer are running on windows.

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    Re: Outpost firewall vs comodo firewall

    Outpost Firewall Pro allows the user to specifically define how a PC application connects to the Internet. Outpost Firewall Pro offers features and components found on many hardware firewalls. Outpost Firewall Pro includes a few add–on features so you can customize to keep offensive content, ads and other undesirables off your computer.

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    Re: Outpost firewall vs comodo firewall

    Comodo Firewall Pro is a freeware firewall provides protection on a Microsoft Windows operating system from both inbound and outbound attacks.
    Outpost Firewall great firewall this is way better then zone alarm. Zone alarm uses way to much system resources and slows your connected to a halt this one is like its not even there.Comodo Firewall Pro takes prize, largely because it was rated as the top firewall by the independent testing site Matousec.

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    Re: Outpost firewall vs comodo firewall

    One of Outpost Firewall Pro’s unique features is the ability to block not only banners and ads, but images too. Outpost Firewall Pro's self-protection aims at detecting attempts to modify/disable its services or hinder program protection and is accoladed by Comparison Testers as being capable and sophisticated at detecting all known methods of disabling it.You can block images by size (if your favorite website has one troubling image, this is a good way to block it) The user interface is basic and easy to use, supplying the end user with several critical options that provide options as good as some hardware firewalls.

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