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Thread: WI-FI connection works Only with SKYPE in windows 7.

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    WI-FI connection works Only with SKYPE in windows 7.

    Thanks in advance !!!
    Now I have installed windows 7 and i think my problem is quite confusing. Actually my Wi-Fi connection is partially not working on my computer. Because when i try to connect to the MSN messenger or if i try to browse something then my connection does not works. But here comes the twist in the tale. It is working perfectly only with SKYPE. Now i do not get it why it is working only with skype and not with others.
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    Re: WI-FI connection works Only with SKYPE in windows 7.

    There might be some viruses in your computer which may stop you to connect to the internet. It would not hurt you much if you scan your full computer. If your found any Malwares then do delete it instead of repairing it. Because sometime if you try to repair some viruses then your anti virus might say that it has been repaired but you might face the same problem in future so avoid repairing of viruses as much as possible.

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    Re: WI-FI connection works Only with SKYPE in windows 7.

    Do not be worrying as it seems to be something wrong with the settings regarding net connections. I have a solution for this, reset the winsock and TCP/IP stack by using the commands as follow. Make sure that you are in administrator mode while using the cmd. You can do this when you right click on cmd.exe file then select run as administrator. Then type

    netsh int ip reset c:\reset.log
    netsh winsock reset catalog c:\catalog.txt

    Do not forget to restart your computer after successful completion of above commands.

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    Re: WI-FI connection works Only with SKYPE in windows 7.

    You have installed the windows 7 recently so let me inform you that many people are facing problems while connecting internet. But There is nothing like that you can not connect. Your computer might have some problem regarding the drivers. Try installing the drivers again by the automated cd for windows 7 drivers. And always install the driver first in which you feel that might be having problem. Then reboot your system.

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