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Thread: Internal Storage

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    Internal Storage

    A little OT... but I think this is the best place to post.

    I had 2 disks (300 GB Maxtor) intalled in a 2x2.66 Dual-core... I moved these disks to my brand new 2x2.26GHz Quad-Core.
    The disks don't show up on the new machine???
    I checked disk-utility - NO disks and no partitions...
    I checked System profiler and I can see the disks are connected.
    When moving them back to the Dual-core machine the disks mount.

    Any ideas?

    kind regards,

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    Re: Internal Storage

    Check the connection first properly. Usually a hardware is atleast found as unknown device. If not then the second thing you have to see drivers. Check out that the new motherboard in which your trying to fix the hard disk supports and the BIOS is configuring the new disc. Try to change the connection path.

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