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Thread: More communication with DMZ

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    More communication with DMZ

    I installed IPCop as follows:


    Everything worked properly (6 months), until the last day of my FTP server (Freenas) placed on the DMZ. Here is my problem.
    Ping from orange to green passes.
    Ping console Putty to orange passes.
    Ping green to orange did not pass.
    No access to red to orange.

    In summary I can no longer communicate with my server FTP.

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    Re: More communication with DMZ

    According to information we may deduce, unless contrary evidence to support that the problem is unrelated to ipcop. But rather changes in unwanted Freenas, since it is the only evidence that could change.

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    Re: More communication with DMZ

    Here's my setup Freenas Version 6.69.2

    Configuring IPv4
    Type Static:
    Gateway: empty

    Configuring IPv6

    Advanced Configuration
    MTU: Empty
    Type Connection: autoselect

    Hostname: Freenas
    Area: Local
    Server DNS IPv4: empty

    Here are the tests I made. I connected a PC on the DMZ. And I can connect to NAS with no problem. To eliminate a hardware problem I replaced the Orange NIC switch cables (not do things by halves).

    Other indications.
    The ping of green area to Freenas no answer.
    The ping of green area to the PC no response until the replacement equipment, and response after the replacement. Joy short-lived
    Freenas always deaf

    Changing the IP NAS and control its operation in the green zone, no problem.

    The NAS I brought with me to test it quietly, he passed the test without problem.

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    Re: More communication with DMZ

    If you do not put the bridge in your Freenas, it is not working! You put the IP address of the orange card IPCop as your gateway. Do the test and tell us.

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    Re: More communication with DMZ

    Although sight. I've been blinded by my tests without IPCOP. Thank you for your helping hand, which was solved beyond all controversy.

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