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Thread: Is encryption effective

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    Is encryption effective

    Due to vast use of online activities data had no more remain private. I was just wondering that does encryption is enough powerful today to handle confidential information. Does it gives out a balanced service and it is safe to rely on different types of encryption tools and services. The best examples for this Digital Signature. I saves my important documents and send them only after authentication. What are your views on it. Thanks.

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    Re: Is encryption effective

    Encryption is the act of transforming a text readable in a text unreadable via an encryption key. Only a person with the decryption key (which may be the same as encryption) will be able to decipher the text. A cipher is said to be balanced if the key encryption and decryption are the same. Symmetric encryption is also called secret-key encryption ", since this key should be known that people ought to have the right to encrypt / decrypt the message.

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    Re: Is encryption effective

    Encryption are off different types the most secure is Asymmetric encryption is also called public key encryption. Indeed, if a person wants his correspondents sends encrypted messages, it will then generate 2 keys. A first key used to encrypt messages, which will be sent to correspondents, so that they use to encrypt their messages. A second key used for decrypting it at, and which should remain private so that only the person issuing the keys to decrypt messages.

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    Re: Is encryption effective

    An encryption system is never completely secure. It must even be assumed that whatever the algorithm used, find a loophole or a way to decrypt the protected data is a matter of time. According to the key size (measured in bits), it is a finite number of combination that a hacker can try to try to decipher the message. For example, if information is supposed to remain secret a month and is protected by an encryption system that can withstand 5 years, it is clear that you can sleep in peace, the security of your message is theoretically guaranteed.

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