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Thread: MS SQL Server 2005 SP3 Update Install Problem

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    MS SQL Server 2005 SP3 Update Install Problem

    Hello, I have an issue with installation of update of SQL Server 2005 SP3. MS Updates shows that I have successfully installed the update numerous times, but I am always immediately prompted to install it again. I receive no error codes. It just shows to succesfully have updated.
    I'm running Windows/XP.
    Can anyone help?
    Thanks, ekfog

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    Re: MS SQL Server 2005 SP3 Update Install Problem

    In this case, SP3 is not getting installed due to missing msp files in %windir%\installer folder. These are not automatically deleted and must have been manually deleted. The best place is to start is to review the SQL Server installation logs. For more information you need to check out the following link. .MSP files are automatically created for service pack or cumulative update or hotfix installs and store the differential changes between the previous and current install. These are useful if the patch needs to be uninstalled

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    Re: MS SQL Server 2005 SP3 Update Install Problem

    Hi, I am also getting the same problem and I repair the SQL Server 2005 instance by using Add or Remove Programs. You just follow the steps as:
    1)In Control Panel, open Add or Remove Programs.
    2)In the Currently installed programs list, click the instance of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 to repair and then click Change.
    3)In the Component Selection page, select Database Engine and then click Next.
    4)In the Feature Maintenance page, select Database Engine and then click Next. The SQL server installation wizard starts.
    5)Click Next on the System Configuration Check page.
    6)In Change or Remove Instance page, select Complete the suspended installation.
    7)Click Next on the Error and Usage Report Settings page. Optional, you can select one or both the boxes on this screen.
    8)Click Install on the Ready to Update page.
    9)Click Next on the Setup Progress page.
    10)Click Finish on the Completing Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Setup page.

    It will solve your problem. Just try it.

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    Re: MS SQL Server 2005 SP3 Update Install Problem

    It seems that the problem is due to windows xp .I suggest you that install MS SQL Server 2005 on windows XP SP2 before upgrading to SP3.Make sure that the language of SQL matches the language of your Operating System. The fact is that Windows has decided to put msxml6 under System File Protection for SP3, and this change conflicts with the pre-existing requirements of installing SQL Server. In your specific case the problem is related to installing a different language of SQL than the OS you have. In between installation msxml64.dll attempts to make a language change that is not allowed under System File Protection.
    I hope this will help you to get rid out of problem.

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    Re: MS SQL Server 2005 SP3 Update Install Problem

    I think there is problem in a updates so that it prompt you to installed it again. When you are downloading any update it checks that your updates are up to date. So it's checks the difference between UTC and local time and based on that it downloaded the updates. Please set your date and time correctly so that your system downloads only new updates.

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