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Thread: Windows file copy is tremendously slow

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    Windows file copy is tremendously slow


    I'm copying a large database file (23GB) from one mounted iSCSI
    to another. It's taking over an hour to copy. Network utilization and
    CPU on the host and iSCSI server are fine.
    The MegaRaid perfomance monitor on the iSCSI box(storage
    shows the disk activity in waves:
    10MB/sec at 200 "I/O"/sec
    4000KB/sec at 60 "I/O"/sec
    Devices are connected via a single gigabit ethernet connection each,
    via a Cisco 3750 switch. They are the only active hosts on a storage
    Any suggestion or recommendation to speed up the copy function.

    Warm regards,

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    Re: Windows file copy is tremendously slow

    Th above problem only occurs as soon as the file copy/burn is done, the "Available Physical Memory" figure shoots back up, but of course, trying to use any app at that point is tremendously slow because everything has to be read back from disk. Virtualizing Windows causes a 30-50% loss in performance for our specific Test, over identical non-virtual OS on bare hardware.

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    Re: Windows file copy is tremendously slow

    You can also use TeraCopy, is a free utility designed to copy/move files faster and more secure. Another option is Copy Handler, it is an open source program that resides in memory and significantly enhances the copying or moving of large files in Windows.

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