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Thread: VMware vs Amazon Cloud Services

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    VMware vs Amazon Cloud Services

    We have setup a network at our work place. I want to know about VMware . What is it? And what are the difference between VMware and Amazon Cloud Services? can you help me out, Any suggestion??

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    What is VMware

    VMware Workstation transforms the way technical professionals develop, test, demonstration and deployment of software. VMware Workstation is an integral component of the toolkit any serious technical professional's. VMware Workstation helps technical professionals to automate and streamline tasks to save time and improve productivity.You applications can run under Linux, Windows, and simultaneously on the same PC without rebooting.It can evaluate and test new operating systems, applications and patches in an isolated environment.It Create virtual machines for use in all your classes to make it easier to return to a state of trust where students overwrite files necessary.

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    Re: VMware vs Amazon Cloud Services

    VCE providers also offer private cloud computing in a more traditional outsourcing, that is cloud computing (again, based on VMware), hosted on the hardware service provider. Unlike VCE, however, these other forms of cloud computing are not available in a form on-demand, available to anyone with a credit card to start using. These services are sold and supported more in the traditional outsourcing relationship, heavy sales efforts, commitments to long-term customers, focus on SLAs, support for regimes such as SAS70 compliance reviews, and benefit so on.Another of VCE is that it provides (at least potentially, except that in the future) the ability to migrate applications and even entire cloud topologies from inside a cloud and a VCE based cloud public. Of course, the transfer of virtual machines does not necessarily transfer data associated with the virtual machine, which poses its own range of problems. However, a coordinated VM / transfer to a storage cloud VCE could be possible in the future.

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    Re: VMware vs Amazon Cloud Services

    VMware is a software company, has partnered with service providers to deliver the product on the market. Essentially, vCloud express parcels up VMware technology, it is surrounded by a set of APIs to control and manage the package, allowing service providers to offer vCloud Express - is a kind of cloud in a box.Overall, pricing VCE seems fairly comparable and competitive to AWS. That to me is a bit of a surprise. Most public cloud providers to focus on the use of kits at low prices, often designed to their own specifications. Google, famous, using what appears to be a bare motherboard with velcro on the component-ed. VMware, at least in its manifestations internal data center, is generally supplied high quality (and expensive) Topflight components from suppliers such as HP, EMC and Cisco. When I heard rumors of the VCE next, I wondered if the use of componentry such as this would force prices VCE above that of the AWS. So far, the evidence is that pricing for VCE comes on the market roughly equivalent to AWS. And that price does not seem to be achieved by substituting componentry cheap instead of expensive stuff in common internal installations. Terremark, a provider of launch services (here in the United States, others are BLUELOCK and notes in its pages of specifications that its offer of VCE is based on Cisco and Fiber Channel storage SAN.

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