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Thread: Remove OPGDE.EXE from computer

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    Remove OPGDE.EXE from computer

    I am having Windows XP SP 3 as my operating system and everything was workign fine before few days ago but from last 3-4 days my computer seems to be workign very slow after finding i came to know that OPGDE.EXE is the main cause for slowing down my system. I tried a lot to remove OPGDE.EXE from my computer but it it comes back again. Does anyone know how to remove OPGDE.EXE from my system and provide me some more information about it.

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    Remove OPGDE.EXE from computer

    As per my knowledge Opgde.exe is a dangerous file which creates activities on a user’s computer which may be highly undesirable. This file is a trojan virus and is unsafe. At the same time this process deletes Other Processes From Disk, loads and executes a System Driver File, injects code into other processes and registers a Dynamic Link Library File.

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    Remove OPGDE.EXE from computer

    If you really want to remove OPGDE.EXE from your computer then reboot your computer and login into safe mode then click on start then goto run option and type cmd and press enter then type directory path +" taskkill /IM OPGDE.EXE " and press the Enter button and finally reboot your computer for changes to get effected.

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    Remove OPGDE.EXE from computer

    I don't think so killing OPGDE.EXE will completely remove OPGDE.EXE from your computer in that case i would prefer you to Stopzilla anti-spyware because it successfully scans, removes and blocks Spyware, Adware, Pop-up ads, Phishing attacks, hijackers, rootkits, Trojans, bots, drive-by downloads, rogue programs. From the moment you start your computer, STOPzilla is working to protect you from malicious programming, so your PC is never vulnerable.For downloading click here

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