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Thread: Where to get a hacker tracker

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    Where to get a hacker tracker

    Recently some has hacked my Gmail account. That hacker has deleted my mails. I need some information on a hacker tracker type program. Is there any tool by which I can catch a person indulge in this operation. Also what are the ways by which I can prevent hacking of a system. I have a network system at my office. Now I worry about the same. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Where to get a hacker tracker

    There are some freeware tracker programs available. But they are not so efficient. Some of them are pcInternet Patrol & Innovative Firewall Manager. The first one is used to find programs more dangerous than other firewalls pcInternet Patrol is a new and enhanced firewall. Not only did he keep away from hackers and reports on each attempt to connect to your computer, but you can also obtain more information about the attacker, including their phone number. The second one is used as firewall included in Windows XP SP2! Innovative Firewall Manager is a small but very powerful application that lets you take advantage of new security features included in Windows XP Service Pack 2.

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    Re: Where to get a hacker tracker

    NetFlow Tracker version 3 of Fluke Networks has been tested. Fluke Networks NetFlow Tracker enables users to collect data streams from the Nortel Ethernet Routing Switch without having to use probes and dramatically improves the visibility of each traffic flow on the network. This way you can get a better troubleshooting, security and capacity planning, and a more efficient use of network connections.

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    Re: Where to get a hacker tracker

    You can try a simple pcHacker Tracker tool which is reliable way to get the information about the hacker. Here you can track down the unauthorized access to your computer and get details about it like the ip address, pc name, etc. On a email support the tool also offers the location. But before using them take care that they are from trusted sources.

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