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Thread: Belkin router - Cant connect to

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    Belkin router - Cant connect to

    I'm trying to set up port forwarding on my Xp computer and I am unable to access my Belkin N1 router's network homepage. Immediately afterwards I lost internet connection as I expected but now can't connect to the config page @, although the router seems to be working within the parameters I had set whilst I was able to get into Any help that I can get with this problem would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Belkin router - Cant connect to

    Have you done the normal things such as restoring factory? Try connecting to it from one computer and has no wireless internet. Then Go to the router's configuration pages by typing in a web browser, and try to switch the Linksys Wireless Access Point "Off" and then "On" again. Also check that is set to "broadcast" its SSID, then see if the pc has the wireless network.

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    Re: Belkin router - Cant connect to

    When you click "Enable", what IP address is specified for the router? Try typing this in your browser. Otherwise, you must find a way to reset the router to its factory settings. The "access point" is to turn the router into a Access box only but as part of another network. It does bypass the router firewall and check the security settings as the network is to be placed in already have their security settings. It has nothing to do with any of their problems. Try to reconfigure it again.

    Hope that helped a little.

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    Re: Belkin router - Cant connect to

    Enter the Ethernet settings and if its auto then change it manually, because something has gone wrong with the router. But I'm guessing you will find them manually, in which case only a change of car. Once you get into the Belkin interface ensure that the LAN is set correctly hand directions. However, only doing a factory reset to be achieved.

    Restore to factory defaults. Insert a straightened clip into the reset hole to press the button. Keep pressure and power cycle (occasionally) the device. Wait for at least 5 seconds and release the button. Then wait for the device to finish booting. This operation erases all previous adjustments made by the administrator.

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