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Thread: Firefox AntiMalware addon

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    Firefox AntiMalware addon

    i tend to surf a lot also i download various files from web site now thing is that each site is not safe and i am using Firefox i have antivirus but for safety it would be great that befor download Firefox scan for virus ,malware .does such addon exist ?

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    Re: Firefox AntiMalware addon

    I hope you are using updated version as i know Firefox provides security again malware as after each download i can see message scanning for viruses i dont know what the case for you but check you must have that .

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    Re: Firefox AntiMalware addon

    Malware Hash Fox addon for Firefox Scan downloaded files for presence of viruses using service. Option to automatically delete infected files. You will be able to delete infected files and you can enable the option to automatically delete infected files founds. you can download from

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    Re: Firefox AntiMalware addon

    Malware Search addon for firfox .This will help you to search information Mainly for use with HijackThis logs, this plugin will search various malware related databases for selected (highlighted) text. Just highlight a word and then use the right click context menu to search several malware databases and the results will open in a new tab.

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