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Thread: Diskless thin client network

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    Diskless thin client network

    Hi everyone,

    I am planing to set up a diskless network. A practical idea but i have no clue how do this. For a normal user like me it would be complex but I am going to give an attempt and I'll need all the help I can get.Beginning with one Dual booting comp for the server with FC11/Windows 2000 with 512 ram 40GB HDD, AMD athlon 2000+ for the client PII with 128mb RAM, bios is not showing PXE/Lan boot, I guess it does not support it....Hence the requirement is to make a bootable cd...So far am done with out any major issue but now I am in stuck......I am not sure on the basics of this but what I need is to be able to use both the OS's from the server on the client....Can i accomplish this

    any thoughts on this regards
    brilliant ideas should be appreciated

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    Re: Diskless thin client network

    I thought terminal serving was where one system is the server and the other client computers with zero operating system, log in using the network searching PXE type connection from it's BIOS and actually boots from the the overall pros and cons are: Only one system needs upgrades and once upgraded, all the clients advantage automatically and there by save time. Then there's the down side. The server must be up,every time and you have one single point of failure For home use, there may be issues of power usage, on not so efficient pc's. Mainly, what about graphics? If you want to use your faster GPU then you may be out of luck with a client server model. Gigabit LAN devices may help but that's not a dirt cheap like 100BT NICs and routers.

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    Re: Diskless thin client network

    I have created a boot cd burned with the image file from sourceforge,so that I am able to boot the client computer through this cd.After that I downloaded all the LTSP & TFTP packages and installed them.and finally all I have to do is to set up the Server......simpler said than done for an ignorant chap like me..I am still expecting to grab more on this topic from some one

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    Re: Diskless thin client network

    I would assume that you have a working Bootpxe (tftp & dhcp) & eyeos server , if not, check the web to discover how to about PXElinux.I used a GNU/Linux based server, maybe someone would wish to work on a Microsoft Windows based one.I'd strongly recommend either putting servers on-site for at least the basic infrastructure (DNS, DHCP etc.) and essential apps (, and using Web-based applications where the server is off-site.

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