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Thread: My Pendrive is corrupting Windows files

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    My Pendrive is corrupting Windows files

    I have a 8 GB Kingston USB Pen drive. My PC is behaving strangely after I connected it to the computer to carry data. Here the problem is that I had used a Pen drive in the office to copy my work details. Then I pushed the same in my pc. I was doing this for quiet a long time. But from couple of days I had noticed a strange behavior in my computer. The first is that the extensions of my file is changing automatically. Like I was having a collection of JPEG file which is now showing .exe. I clicked on them nothing happens. Every time a similar folder is created inside every folder I opened. This is a severe virus issue which is corrupting my file. I had scanned my computer from Avira but still not so good result. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: My Pendrive is corrupting Windows files

    I will advice you to first back your entire data. You system is corrupted with virus. The virus is automatically changing your file extension and destroying your file. Anyhow if nothing works then you will have to format your computer. So do this do not insert your pen drive. Format it. After that restart your computer under safe mode by pressing F8. In this mode run a full system scan. If virus is detected then it will be either deleted or cleaned by the virus.

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    Re: My Pendrive is corrupting Windows files

    A corrupt file is computer file that become unusable without the users knowledge. Now this can be due to virus, system bug, bad software, etc. It is proved that you USB drive has virus in it. So better do not use it. Second thing use Norton Antivirus. If you can get a license copy then it is fine. Scan the system. Otherwise the best way is to run a clean installation of Windows. Formatting will remove all the severe system issues.

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    Re: My Pendrive is corrupting Windows files

    When every time a automated folder is created then you pc is affected with a severe virus problem. The virus keeps on creating folders. If you see the extension of this folder in detail view it will show as a application not as a file folder. The icons looks like a folder but it is application that just needs to be clicked. The first thing it does is disable your Task Manager. You cannot run it. When your press Ctrl + Alt + Del then it will pop you error as it is disable by administrator. Then it will turn your all folder to a application file. This way it destroys the data. You need a powerful antivirus software to repair it.

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