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Thread: Infected with msa.exe

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    Infected with msa.exe

    I need help regarding msa.exe , yesterday i was using firefox then many IE pages started pening and as i saw in task manager b.exe and msa.exe came up, using up lots of my system memory. please help.

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    Re: Infected with msa.exe

    1. Your pc infected with a virus or malware. Download Norton Security Scan , its free. Perform a free virus scan.
    2. Also to make your pc free from spywares Download Ad-Aware and
    3. And it can be because of some unsigned drivers, see this help Verify Unsigned Device Drivers in Windows XP
    4. Perform a DISK CLEANUP as Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Disk Cleanup.
    5. Also do the defrag of your hard disk partitions.

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    Re: Infected with msa.exe

    The problem is with your windows xp. The copy of windows xp which was installed on your system has been hacked. Your XP got infected may be during service pack update. "b.exe" is a trojan installed on some new copies of Windows XP floating around the net. Like windows service pack 3. This executable file 'MSA.exe' is an undisirable program and even tells you to remove it because it is a possible security threat.

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    Re: Infected with msa.exe

    Refer to this thread : b.exe - virus removal?
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