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Thread: cannot reconnect network drives

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    cannot reconnect network drives

    Hello At sometimes , Windows XP cannot reconnect network drive ,I am connect to local network , i can share files with my freinds over it , now the problem is that i cannot reconnet the network drives in windows xp , after restarting the pc, please tell me how can i solve this problem , thanks in advance

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    Re: cannot reconnect network drives

    This script allows you to connect a network drive to drive Z: To use this VBS script, you must change the values in italics.


    Dim onet
    Set onet = CreateObject ( "Wscript.Network")
    oNet.MapNetworkDrive "Z", "\\logonserver\home"

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    Re: cannot reconnect network drives

    If your computer is connected to a LAN, you can access the shared folders on other computers. But to achieve them, you must go through My Network Places, or use of complex paths. To facilitate access to shared folders, you can assign a drive letter. They will then be considered by the Windows XP disk drives and in Explorer and My Computer.

    1. In a Windows Explorer window, click the Tools menu and then click Map Network Drive.
    2. In the window that appears, choose the letter that are available to be assigned to the remote folder. Then click the Browse button and select the shared folder on the network and click Open. Then press button Finish.
    3. The new drive is added to My Computer. To open the shared folder, you simply double click it.

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    Re: cannot reconnect network drives

    Using the Net Use command to connect or disconnect a drive
    Using the net use command can be useful for command files and scripts. To use the net use command to connect or disconnect a drive:
    1. To connect a network drive, use the command net use x: \ \ computer name \ share name, where x: is the drive letter you want to assign to the shared resource.
    2. To disconnect a drive, use the command net use x: / delete, where x: is the drive letter of the shared resource.

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