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Thread: Wireless router what do you need

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    Wireless router what do you need


    I am using Airtel broadband service on my home computer. yesterday i purchased new acer laptop to access internet on my laptop i required wifi connection. now i want to setup wiif connection in my home. Can anyone tell me what i will need to setup wireless router ?

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    Re: Wireless router what do you need

    The range of a wireless network is roughly comparable to that of cordless DECT phones. In an office you may be happy with 30 to 60 meters. Range and reception can be reduced because a number of "jammers" like thick walls, fireproof materials, steel structures and other channels of lesser quality. A low level equipment, even a working microwave temporarily disrupt your network. You can increase the reach through multiple access points to hang or large (enhanced) antennas to use.

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    Re: Wireless router what do you need

    A wireless router has an existing wired network. You connect the device directly to your Internet connection and ensures that all wireless devices a network with each other and the Internet can make. This solution is particularly suitable for smaller businesses (up to fifteen computers) that still do not use dedicated servers such as security and network management. Of course there are professional solutions available that offer adequate security and access to dozens of computers offer.

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    Re: Wireless router what do you need

    The principle of a wireless router is the same as a conventional router, except that it allows devices to wireless stations (WiFi for example) to connect to networks that the router is connected via wired connections (usually Ethernet). Routers type Link State (Link State Routing) listen to the network continuously to identify the different cues. From this information each router calculates the shortest path (in time) to neighboring routers and releasing data in packets update. Finally, each router builds its routing table by calculating the shortest paths to all other routers (using the Dijkstra algorithm).

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