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Thread: Turn router into wireless bridge

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    Turn router into wireless bridge

    I had recently bought a new wireless router which is connect to a LAN that already has a wired router, now i need to configure the wireless router so the computers in the wired LAN can ping the other computers which are on wireless router ? In short i need to turn router into wireless bridge. I had ask my friends and find it on internet it's really possible but don't know what are the steps to be followed.

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    Turn router into wireless bridge

    To turn router into wireless bridge you need to first have Broadband internet connection and with that you need to have two wireless routers out of which one will be used by your internet service provider that will serve you as a access point and another will be connected to other machine that will connect to web after that you can download DD-WRT and then navigate to the stable directory.

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    Turn router into wireless bridge

    If you really want to turn your wireless router into wireless bridge then you need to attach one computer using a cat 5 cable to wireless router port and at the same time make sure that this computer is set to receive an automatic IP address from the wireless router's of DHCP server. Now you need to login to the wireless router using the computer that is connected to it and then configure your router and then you can leave empty for WAN configuration in the wireless router. then set the LAN IP address of wireless router so it is compatible with your existing network. Now turn off the DHCP server on the wireless router. Now connect your cat 5 cable to your LAN port or the existing router and LAN port of your new wireless access point. On my netgear 802.11b wireless router turned wireless access point, I use a straight through cable without any problems.

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