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Thread: Virus Disabling My Antivirus Programs

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    Virus Disabling My Antivirus Programs

    Hello , Freinds

    I dont understand Why my Antivirus is Getting Disabled Every Now and then
    Help. I Think I have a nasty virus on my PC which I cannot get rid of ,the problem is that I cannot open my antivirus , as it seem to be disable by the virus , My computer Definately Seem to have a virus that disables my antivirus . When I clicked on it , it says that this function is not valid win32 , please Help me Solve these problem

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    Re: Virus Disabling My Antivirus Programs

    One of the problems with obtaining safe mode: The person who gave me this team had established a much higher resolution that my monitor can handle. The first time I turned the computer on everything was static, and as a television with the vertical hold out. I was lucky enough to get the "unsafe mode" for the resolution, (trust me luck ... pure), but it seems that every time I go to safe mode, it is still wrong. Is there any way to change the resolution so safe before it get there? Or do I have to go through trial and error to fix it again?

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