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Thread: Can ping IP but not hostname

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    Can ping IP but not hostname

    I am suffering from some strange issues with my Internet connections. Since yesterday, my internet is going worst and worst and I am unable to rectify the actual cause of the issue. Can any body help me? I have tried ping option from my command prompt but the another problem arise and I don't know how to fix this. Whenever I try to ping google, what I have noticed that I can ping the IP address of www. but not the hostname itself? Please help me to get rid of this situation.

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    Re: Can ping IP but not hostname

    Have you tried repairing your connection? This solves problems most of the time. Go to Network Connections, right click on your connection icon and select Repair. Or else you can even try flushing the DNS cache from the command prompt. Go to Command prompt (Start - Run - type "cmd"). Now type "ipconfig /flushdns" and press Enter. Then type "ipconfig /registerdns". This re-registers your DNS.

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    Re: Can ping IP but not hostname

    I think this is related to your DNS configuration. You should check if you have correctly entered the DNS. Go to Command Prompt and type nslookup. Here give any hostname such as "". If this gives you the IP addresses of google then your DNS configuration is correct. But if not then you need to recheck the configuration from your ISP.

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    Re: Can ping IP but not hostname

    Have you looked at the DNS settings in your router? This is definitely DNS issue. To solve this problem, try disabling the DNS cache by going to the command prompt and typing "net stop dnscache". Now restart this service after some time using "net start dnscache" command.

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