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Thread: How do I ignore a file in AVG?

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    How do I ignore a file in AVG?


    I have created a batch file for my daily updates, whenever i try to run AVG antivirus on my computer it detects that file as a virus file i don't know why it's detecting it a virus file whereas this file doesn't have any virus in it. If i try to move it from one drive to another drive i am getting a pops up. If i click Continue, I lose access to the file. I get "Access denied" whenever I try to run it or copy it. I've tried shutting down AVG, but the problem is still . Is there any way whenever AVG run it ignore that file ?

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    How do I ignore a file in AVG?

    You don't need to worry if you are using free version of antivirus because they will not delete this fil eand at the same time they also don't have an exclude list. That is why I gave up on the free version of AVG and went to other free anti-virus software. If you really want to ignore a file in AVG then you can add that file into Resident Shield settings by going into control panel of it.

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    How do I ignore a file in AVG?

    The worst part of having free version of AVG is that after adding some of the files in Resident Shield it will detect it as a malware and if you are ready to take the risk then too it will prompt you as virus. You will find almost all of the files which you have created as DOS or batch file will be detected as malware, but if you are using Paid version then you will not get those files as malware.

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