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Thread: Outpost Firewall : need help for NetBIOS

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    Outpost Firewall : need help for NetBIOS


    I am using Windows XP system with Outpost Firewall installed. Recently, I am facing certain firewall issues due to netbios. So, I was wondering to disable NetBios. Is it possible to do this ? Can anybody please suggest me how can I disable NetBios from outpost firewall as I am unaware of this ?
    OR where can I find OutPost firewall to download ?

    Help !!

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    Re: Outpost Firewall : need help for NetBIOS

    Here are some instructions to disable NetBIOS --

    1. Start > Control Panel ( Category View ) > 'Network and Internet Connections' > 'Network Connections'.
    2. Under 'LAN or High Speed Internet' of the 'Network Connections Window' -- click once and highlight an item associated with your network card. Right click on that item and select 'Properties'.
    3. Under 'Local Area Connection Properties' -- uncheck 'Client for Microft Networks' and 'File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks'. If you intend to use either of these with NetBEUI or IPX, then leave them checked.
    4. Under the 'General' tab of the 'Local Area Connection Properties' window -- click one on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).
    5. Under the 'General' tab of the 'Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Settings' window -- click on 'Advanced'. In the 'Advanced TCP/IP Settings' window -- click on 'WINS'.
    6. Select Disable 'NetBIOS over TCP/IP'.
    7. Remove the check next to 'Enable LMHOSTS lookup'.
    8. Click OK on the Advanced TCP/IP setting window > click OK in the 'Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Settings' window.
    9. Click Close on the Local Area Connection Properties window > click Close the 'Network Connections' window using the 'X' button in the upper right corner or File > Close.
    10. Finally, reboot your system and check.

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    Re: Outpost Firewall : need help for NetBIOS

    Outpost Firewall

    Features and tasks of Outpost Firewall :-

    - make log files were data will be stored.
    - enter trusted , allowed or not allowed applications.
    - block ads, popups and undesired activities in your browser.
    - change ICMP settings and allow NetBios communication.
    - detect attacks, verify attachements or DNS cache.
    - shows the allowed items and the untrusted addresses on the main screen. Just enter URL address and the ads will be blocked from that site.

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    Re: Outpost Firewall : need help for NetBIOS

    For the Windows users with Classic View for Control Panel, you just need to double-click on 'Network Connections' and follow the remaining solution (from step 2) provided by Shen.

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