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Thread: Page File Size on 64-bit server

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    Page File Size on 64-bit server

    I have 64-bit PS 4 on a Window Server 2003 R2 Enterprise x64 Edition with a 16 GB of RAM. I would like to know the optimal page file size settings..Currently my servers running with an 8GB page file and I figured out about 20% page file use at my peak user load . At the same time the servers will still have nearly 10GB of free physical memory available.I have looked at MS Article 889654 and it seems to indicate that unless I am worried about collecting a memory dump, and I have a specific application requirement I could go with no page file at all. anybody have any experiences that would be relevant?

    I would be greatly appreciated !!

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    Re: Page File Size on 64-bit server

    The 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and Microsoft Windows XP can support more RAM than the 32-bit versions of these products. When lots of memory is added to a computer, a paging file may not be required. When you use the Pages/sec counter to measure paging file use, the value that is returned may not be accurate. To obtain an accurate measurement of paging file use, you must also use other performance counters. You can use System Monitor measurements to calculate the size of the paging file that your computer requires.

    Windows Server 2003 Domain Controllers are not supported without a configured pagefile. Because the algorithm the LSASS database cache depends on the "transition pages repurposed/second" perfmon counter, a pagefile is required to make sure that the database cache is capable to release memory if memory is requested by other services or applications.

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    Re: Page File Size on 64-bit server

    Microsoft has published a kb about how to configure the Page file in an x64 operating can go to this page and determine the exact volume..

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    Re: Page File Size on 64-bit server

    We are running some powerbuilder apps as well. The only memory issues I have seen is that we are using twice the memory than the 32 bit servers. Which is supposed to be normal.So it was easy for administrators to setup a pagefile to get a kernel only memory dump. We did not have to worry about disk space.With 64-bit, things change, the kernel address space can get up to 8TB.First, you want to make sure that your pagefile is setup for optimal performance.889654 How to determine the appropriate page file size for 64-bit versions of Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP.The values below is just samples of the sizes of kernel only memory.dmp. but you should test your kernel only memory dump For 16 GB of RAM, Min 1.30 GB ,Max 2.00 GB

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