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Thread: highest risk virus

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    highest risk virus

    Has anyone heard of the Highest Risk Virus news? It deletes the HTML files and then formats your C: drive where you have installed your OS? Can anyone tell me in detail what precautionary steps can be taken to avoid this virus? Also how can one come to know if our computer is affected by this virus?

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    Re: highest risk virus

    If you think that your computer is badly infected from the viruses, malwares and spywares then do the following:

    You should use following troubleshooting steps to get rid off this issue :--
    1. Please try to delete all the internet temporary files like temp, %temp% and prefetch files.
    2. Scan your computer by using any updated antivirus program.
    3. Try to install and download the "Antimalwarebytes" (freely available)
    4. Try to update "Antimalwarebytes".
    5. Scan your computer using the "Antimalwarebytes"..
    6. Follow the same procedure for "Superantispyware" as you have done for "Antimalwarebytes" (Safe Mode).

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    Re: highest risk virus

    If you get any "High Risk" Virus Alert there might be some Malware or trojan or virus inside your computer. You should scan your computer with Malwarebytes in Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking.

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    Re: highest risk virus

    download with I.E.

    Right click the DelDomains.inf file and click Install, making sure Internet Explorer is closed. You won't see anything happen. Give it a minute.

    Download ComboFix:

    Double click combofix.exe & follow the prompts.
    When finished, it shall produce a log for you. Post that log
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