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Thread: Appsvc32.exe consuming 50% of system resource

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    Appsvc32.exe consuming 50% of system resource

    Sometime my computer becomes extremely slow. In task manager I had noticed a service called AppSvc32.exe. It is consuming 50% of the processor usage. This makes other programs to works extremely slow. I had run a full system scan by Norton Antivirus and found some detection. Norton cleaned those file but still after that the file in the task manager appear. What is service related to. Any idea.

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    Re: Appsvc32.exe consuming 50% of system resource

    It is a norton file. This file is related as the core application service for the Symantec Security products. Normally it is an automated service. It is included in the Antivirus system and installed in your system to protect your computer from virus, trojans, unwanted incoming and other harmful threats. The file is located in Program file\common files\symantec shared\appcore. It is not a threat a critical system components.

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    Re: Appsvc32.exe consuming 50% of system resource

    It is a Norton File. You can disable the service if do not want. Normally it is a core system file and cannot be killed or deleted. But it can be disabled. Try this. Go to Norton Internet Security and select NAV settings. Then go to options and click on preferences. Now remove the tick from scan active programs and start up files. Then also remove the tick from run a scan whenever protection updates have been received. Click ok and restart your system.

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    Re: Appsvc32.exe consuming 50% of system resource

    It is related to system file of Norton Protection Center. It is a core application file. To stop the service open Norton Antivirus and then click on settings. Then comes to Additional options and click on virus and spyware protection option. Now click on general settings and uder manual scanning remove the tick from second time i.e. Scan active programs and start-up files
    start-up files. Also under Live update remove the tick from Run quick scan whenever protection updates have been received. Restart your system.

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