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Thread: Setting Up openSSh Server in Ubuntu

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    Setting Up openSSh Server in Ubuntu

    I currently have a ftp server with pure-ftpd. I would like to secure the server by encrypting all data streams. Currently I can encrypt the log / mdp with TLS, but the data stream remains unsafe , I Want to create an SSH tunnel to encrypt the data , In the end , in simple Word i Want to install/setup Ssh Server in ubuntu ,please tell me How can i Do so .

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    Re: Setting Up openSSh Server in Ubuntu

    An SSH server allows you to connect remotely to the host which executes and power through an SSH client to connect and perform maintenance tasks or other.

    Installing the SSH server
    So you need a computer running an operating system based on Ubuntu, it should be a server or a workstation.

    Open a Terminal

    Write the following command: sudo apt-get install openssh-server

    Press ENTER and enter your system password

    You are now able to connect to this computer using an SSH client.

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    Re: Setting Up openSSh Server in Ubuntu

    OpenSSH is a free version of the following protocol SSH connectivity tools to network in which an increasing number of people on the Internet come to rely. Many users of telnet, rlogin, FTP, or other similar programs, do not realize that their password is transmitted across networks in cleartext. OpenSSH figure all traffic (passwords included). OpenSSH also provides a variety of authentication methods. As its name suggests, OpenSSH is developed under the project OpenBSD

    Installing the SSH server
    If you want to access your PC from another location you must convert it into a server in advance. install the package openssh-server on your computer.

    By default, it runs at startup.

    To activate it type this:
    sudo / etc / init.d / ssh start

    To stop:
    sudo / etc / init.d / ssh stop

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    Re: Setting Up openSSh Server in Ubuntu

    Setup an SSH server

    Install the OpenSSH server:
    sudo apt-get install openssh-server

    Note: The OpenSSH server can also be installed when doing a server installation as an option from the LiveCD. also remember An OpenSSH server can also be set up on a Windows server using Cygwin.

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