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Thread: how to forward ports to different internal ports

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    how to forward ports to different internal ports

    Can anyone tel me that weather i can forward multiple ports to same internal port but with different IP address...???? If it is possible then how is it possible...????

    Please Help....!

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    Re: how to forward ports to different

    Forwarding the same port to 2 different IP's is impossible as far as I'm aware. If anyone can find it how to do then please forward it here... Even i need it Please Help....!

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    Re: how to forward ports to different

    Yes it is possible! It has to you to enter 80 & 4500 in public port? If you entered those to the section of port LAN, in fact, this could not work. It is possible to be done, but I am not to router can shure. It could be a good idea to put firewall of hardware between router and the network. These are made especially to do forwards. I use a network screen, so far, and do the same exactly. I have 3 servants in port 80, who have different ports in the outside.

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