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Thread: Norton antivirus slowing down computer

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    Norton antivirus slowing down computer

    I'm running Windows Xp as my opearting system. I had also installed Norton antivirus program in order to prevent my pc from viruses. The problem is that after installing Norton antivirus program my system had became very slow. Can any body tell me that why does Norton antivirus slow down the computer? What can i do in order to get rid of the above issue? Kindly provide me the correct solution to resolve the above issue.

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    Re: Norton antivirus slowing down computer

    Norton antivirus program slows down Windows opearting system, because Norton antivirus program moves the location of some of Window's opearting system files to another place within the system. Abt that;s why Windows doesn't like it and this cause Windows to eventually crash, which make the system slow.

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    Re: Norton antivirus slowing down computer

    Yes, Norton is rubbish. It is the worst anti-virus product currently in the market. You should also check your hard drive and make sure that there is sufficient free space available. I would also recommend that you run the Windows Checkdisk utility to make sure that your hard drive does not have any errors. According to me you should uninstall Norton from your system and try to install free AVG or AVAST antivirus program on your system.

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    Re: Norton antivirus slowing down computer

    After installing Norton AntiVirus (NAV) 2002 under Windows XP or Windows 2000, you notice that the computer is considerably slower. When you open the Windows Task Manager, you notice that the NAV Auto-Protect service NAVAPSVC.EXE is using 95% or more of the computers CPU time.

    Try the following workarounds to fix the problem.

    • Download the latest NAV program update.
    • Ensure that the performance options for the operating system are set to "Applications" or "Programs" rather then "Background services."
    • Unregister and then register the Auto-Protect service.

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