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Thread: What is the file wmpnscfe.exe of media player

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    What is the file wmpnscfe.exe of media player

    I had seen a file named wmpnscfe.exe in the msconfig service. I had locate the files in c drive of windows and delete. But it comes back again. I delete it two there times. But every time of fresh boot up it comes ups again. The windows media player is also still giving an unexpected behavior. Its performance is low. I think some type of virus has corrupted my media player. Because recently I had download a visualization for the player. It was working as normal as before. But in a matter to time I getting trouble out of it. Can anyone tell me what is wmpnscfe.exe file. Help.

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    Re: What is the file wmpnscfe.exe of media player

    The same file you see in the Task Manager. You can end process from there if you have any trouble. I know it is annoying when you stop a process and it comes back again. The file give a suspicious thought. But do not get fear it is an windows file. It is not a virus and you can on and off as per your use. It is a file which enable to share media between the the different computers. Even Xbox 360. Is you can say a kind of network sharing service that share a single library with other computers even if you had closed the media player. It is an great utility of media player. To disable it click on the arrow under library and click on Media sharing option. You can also get it by going to the option panel from the menu and select configuring sharing. When the box open uncheck all the boxes inside it. Apply the setting and restart your media player. It is stored up in the start up entry.

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    Re: What is the file wmpnscfe.exe of media player

    It is considered to be a useful file for windows. But can be shut down if you don't want. The main function of this file is allow different computers on the network to share a same library. If the media sharing option is enabled then the file will generate automatically every time when you run media player. Normally it is use to alert user about any new media device found on the network. It the file which is responsible for starting the Network Sharing Service of windows. Every time on the network if any new media device is found it pop-up as information on the task manager. If you not on the network then you don't required it. It also does not cause any harm to system components as it is a optional service. It is registered in start up entry of window because of which it pop ups every time boot up. You can disable it by from the services tool of windows. Go to Start menu > control panel > Administrative tools > services. In the services windows look out for the Windows Media Player Network sharing service. Doubles click on it. In the start up type box disable it. Restart your system. Now the you will not get any problem out of it.

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    Re: What is the file wmpnscfe.exe of media player

    You need not to worry because it is an windows file not an virus. It will cause no harm to your system. It is provided my Microsoft corp. to enable the network sharing for a same music libraries. If the service is enabled the file will be generated automatically as it is an executable file. It also not considered as a virus or spyware. You can stop by making some changes in the windows registry editor. Go to start menu > run > regedit. In the editor window navigate to the patt - HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\MediaPlayer\Preferences\HME. You will see a Dword value on the right hand side named DisableDiscovery. Set the value of it to 2 by right clicking on it and selecting modify. It must not be 0. The second step you can try same in registry editor navigate to the different path - HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run. If you see a related application then delete it. And restart your system. Now it will not appear.

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