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Thread: Unable to install cumulative update for windows vista

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    Unable to install cumulative update for windows vista

    I am running Windows vista from long back on my desktop computer, when i try to install Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 7 in Windows Vista 32-bit (KB953838) it does not allow me to do so. I try to install it again and again and at the end, does not install. Please help

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    Re: Unable to install cumulative update for windows vista

    This may happen because of following most listed problem.
    1. The Windows Update Temporary folder is corrupted.
    2. Windows Update Agent 3.0 is not installed properly.

    This may also happen that If you are running any third party applications such as Spyblocker, Internet or web accelerators this all application are designed to boost the speed of the Internet connection and also some of security or anti-virus programs (Norton, McAfee, etc.) comes under this which does not allow to install cumulative update

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    Re: Unable to install cumulative update for windows vista

    I will suggest you to Reinstall Windows Update Agent 3.0 and to do so you need to download the Windows Update Agent 3.0 and need to save to the C:\ drive.
    • Click Start, Click Run and copy the following command to the panel:
    • C:\WindowsUpdateAgent30-x86.exe /wuforce
    • Note: There is a space between "C:\WindowsUpdateAgent30-x86.exe" and "/wuforce".

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    Re: Unable to install cumulative update for windows vista

    The latest version of Windows Update includes a file that was not available in the release version of Windows XP. This file is named Wups2.dll. Therefore, after the repair operation is complete, the following situation exists:
    • The Wups2.dll file remains on the computer.
    • The registry entries that correspond to this file are missing.

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