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Thread: My pc is infected with heular virus

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    My pc is infected with heular virus

    I had copied some data from my friends computer through a USB. I was not aware that his computer is infected with heular virus. I had already used the USB in my computer also. Now i am quiet worry about this thing. How to avoid this virus and what are the tool available to remove this virus. And i also want to know how this virus spread.

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    Re: My pc is infected with heular virus

    First scan your pc with an antivirus. Then just check whether your antivirus tool removed the virus.
    If not Go to start menu > Run > in the dialog box type regedit.
    Navigate to the below tree :
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\Microsoft Service Host
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\Huelar Services 2.0
    Delete the values and entries created by the virus.

    If again in future the virus appears then you will need to format your pc

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    Re: My pc is infected with heular virus

    You will need a good antivirus for your pc. I had given a link below for your download and use them. Download and use SuperAntiSpyware. This one is good for the virus and it will works fine related to your issue.

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    Re: My pc is infected with heular virus

    The most common way of these virus to spread is USB. As you had a your usb in a infected pc and then in yours. Huelar virus automatically creates directories and folders in the infected part. It creates a Autorun.inf file in every infected folder. It is a worm type virus and spreads very fast through a network. It changes folders in to executable files. If you click to open folder it will launch more viruses in your computer.
    If not removed can cause a big harm to your pc. It disables task manager, regedit, etc.
    To avoid these effects do the following :
    Disable Autorun.
    Install tools likeEset NOD32, HijackThis, and Remove Restrictions Tool.
    Change the place of My Documents folder into another partition.
    Turn-off System Restore utility.
    Full Scan your pc with the above tools.

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