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Thread: How to keep a track of wifi signal

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    How to keep a track of wifi signal

    Hey Guys!
    I have been using my laptop to connect to my D-Link wifi router to share internet connection. I have noticed that when i move to some certain parts of the house, wifi signal drops completely... How do i monitor my signal strength of my laptop..!? Help Guys! Loosing signal in the middle of the work is too frustrating...! Is there a way to boost the signal for indoor use? Any information would be really helpful... Thanks!

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    Re: How to keep a track of wifi signal

    Are you using wifi from the inbuilt, wifi adapter or do you have a PCMCIA or USB wifi adapter? There is a chance to increase signal reception strength of USB wifi adapter by using cantennas. Cantennas is a modified usb adapter which is fitted in a "can" to boost its signal. Well if you use internal wifi adapter there is no way you can put a CAN around the entire laptop. You can just monitor the signal then, not of much use...! All the best! Do post back...

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    Re: How to keep a track of wifi signal

    In the areas where the wifi signal is weak, it becomes neccessary to monitor it. You can monitor the signal using the driver software that has come with the wifi adapter or use a third party software. There are a lot of freewares for that available... Hope that helps you...! All the best!

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    Re: How to keep a track of wifi signal

    If you are good at modding antennas, you can create your own antenna. Lot of video tutorials are available on youtube. Some crazy guys have built the antenna's that can connect with the access point till 43.3 Kilometers, now this is crazy. How can you connect to the wifi router that is so long, just bu modding the wifi antenna...! Well to monitor the wifi signal i would recommend you to use NetStumbler. Its a freeware and easy to use software and works with all types of wifi adapters. All the best!

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