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Thread: How to unblock cookies

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    How to unblock cookies

    Can anyone tell me how to unblock cookies? I think that we need a software for unblocking it, on of my friend told me, but I forgot the name of that software. Thank you

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    Re: How to unblock cookies

    You dont need software to do that, just go to address bar above this window? There should be a drop down menu labeled "Tools." From there you go down to "Internet Options." Click that and a different window will pop up with some tabs. Look for the one that is labeled "Privacy" and adjust your settings there. Hope this will help.

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    Re: How to unblock cookies

    There is an alternative way to unblock cookies from certain sites from Documents tab:

    1. Right-click the site or a document that came from the site from which you want to unblock cookies
    2. Select "Unblock" and then "Cookies from this site" from the context menu.

    Note that unblocking of a cookie unblocks not only that cookie but also all other cookies of the selected types.

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    Re: How to unblock cookies

    Which Internet Browser you are using? If firefox then follow this method by going to Tools->Options->Privacy->Cookies that will let you do that, but its a pain to use.

    However I use the "Cookie Button" extension for firefox. It does exactly what you want. I block cookies from all sites by default, then when I get to a site I want to unblock, I just choose the "allow cookies" option from the cookie button.
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