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Thread: Cannot update Avira AntiVirus

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    Cannot update Avira AntiVirus

    Hi friend,
    I have Avira AntiVirus. I want to update it. But when i try to update, it hangs all the time. What is the problem? Should i move to any other antivirus?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Cannot update Avira AntiVirus

    If you are using windows firewall or any other firewall, then try to update after disabling it. Avira 9 will not Auto-Update if Windows Defender is present and running. Make windows defender as automatic in scheduler.

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    Re: Cannot update Avira AntiVirus

    Try using preupd.exe utility. OR go into configuration. click General -> Update -> Web server -> Proxy and make the appropriate changes. Make sure that the web server is checked on "use existing connection" and proxy is on "use windows system settings"

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    Re: Cannot update Avira AntiVirus

    Just download hbedv.key. Also visit the Download Server Page of Avira, where that download link is also located. Once you’ have downloaded hbedv.key, just copy it to the installation folder of Avira Antivir usually at "CrogramFilesAviraAntiVir PersonalEdition Classic". Replace your old file with your newly downloaded file.

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