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Thread: Maximum limit for antispyware programs

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    Maximum limit for antispyware programs

    Hello Friends,

    I would like to know that how many antispyware programs can i run at the same time on my system I mean to say can i installed more antispyware programs on my pc in order to protect my pc from viruses. Is there any kind of problem if i run more than one antispyware program on my pc? Currently i'm using Spybot as well as spyware blaster on my pc. Along with AVG and Avast antivirus running simantenously on my pc. Can any body provide me the correct information on the above issue? Any kind of information on the above issue would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Maximum limit for antispyware programs

    I thinh running more than one one anti-virus programs might cause some serious system conflicts and will gibve your system less protection. Which will cause you some serious system performance issues. You can kepp only one anti-spyware application on your system as both are good one.

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    Re: Maximum limit for antispyware programs

    According to my best of knowledge Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware programs can conflict with eachother on your system. So, inorder to avoid such conflict on your system you should have only one Anti-Virus program installed on your system. However, i think there are no such limit on keeping multiple anti-Spyware programs on your system. Just try to keep your computer updated (Windows updates) along with a good firewall on your system.

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    Re: Maximum limit for antispyware programs

    I think you have too many antispyware programs installed on your system. According to me there is just no need of having multiple antispyware programs on your system. Bu doing so you are slowing down your own pc. Just try to keep only one on your system.

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