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Thread: Resetting Group Policy in Windows Server 2003

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    Resetting Group Policy in Windows Server 2003

    We just put a win 2003 domain to our new on corporate network. With the settings of the various group policies, we have all users, including administrators of the access to all console snap ins and out.

    We cannot relate to DNS settings on the Active Directory access.

    A backup of the system status is not yet available.

    Is there a way to access the Group Policy Editor to restore, without the new domain up to them.

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    Re: Resetting Group Policy in Windows Server 2003

    Microsoft provides a snap-in called RSoP for showing a given combination of policy settings. I find that if you install the GPMC, then you do not really need this RSoP. However if you do need it the RSoP is intuitive to use and comes in two modes:

    Logging mode.
    In logging mode, the RSoP snap-in tracks the policies that you apply. In this mode, the tool shows the actual policies for a given user or computer.

    Planning mode. In planning mode, the snap-in indicates the set of policies that would be applied if you deployed the policy. You can perform what-if analyses on the user and computer; the domain, and organizational unit.

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    Re: Resetting Group Policy in Windows Server 2003

    NetIQ's Group Policy Administrator assists in planning, managing, troubleshooting, and reporting on Group Policies. Group Policy Administrator offers:

    • Live and offline resultant set of policies (RSoP)
    • Replication and synchronization across domains and forests
    • Microsoft GPMC-compliant GPO back up, restore, and import
    • Check-out, check-in, and approval
    • Point-in-time analysis reports
    • Rollback
    • Offline mirror
    • GPO difference and comparison reports
    • Health and status checking of GPOs
    • Built-in GPO knowledge
    • Administration delegation
    • Search for GPO settings
    • Scripting

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    Re: Resetting Group Policy in Windows Server 2003

    If an Exchange server (Windows Server 2000 or Windows Server 2003) Network exists must then select the Exchange setup "setup.exe" with the switch "/ domainprep from the Exchange Server CD to be:

    Exchange Server permissions are removed by the RecreateDefPol.exe tool in Windows 2000 Server.

    The Dcgpofix tool does not restore security settings in the Default Domain Controller Policy to their original state

    A Windows 2000/XP - Client can also be applied by the Guidelines "liberate".

    This is where all the folders and sub-key under the following registry paths be deleted:

    - HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies 
    - HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies 
    - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies
    Next, navigate to the following directory: "%windir%\system32\Group Policy."

    There exist (among other things) a folder named "Machine" and a folder called "Users".

    In both of these folders, you will find the file "registry.pol", which also applies to delete.

    And finally there are still the "user.pol" (% userprofile% \ ntuser.pol) to delete, because this includes the references,
    what setting from which GPO is / was. Then a restart is due.

    If you want the client the guidelines of its Active Directory domain will need to make a "gpupdate / force" to be executed, because the policy History (and gpt.ini) are located on the client says this, that he is still with the current guidelines is equipped and is, therefore, the guidelines do not by themselves take over. Unless the policy you would delete history, then it would also work.

    Also check this :

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