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Thread: Trojan horse Virus Passcapture

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    Trojan horse Virus Passcapture

    I have a message displayed on my desk for 2 days with the following inscription: DANGEROUS SPYWARE Many viruses were found on your computer such as: Tronjan horse, PassCapture, etc.. Your personal information can fall into in the "third hands" Please check up the computer with a special software.Thank Since I have no task manager and an information window displays. Despite the different scans that I could do, I can not resolve this problem.please help me thank you. I have windows xp home.

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    Re: Trojan horse Virus Passcapture

    If you do not have a good virus scanner then get one like, Kaspersky, Mcafee, Bitdefender....etc. Do not click on that popup on your computer. It is not safe and can do damage to your system. Use one of the programs mentioned above and if it still comes up then download Maleware byte and run that.

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    Re: Trojan horse Virus Passcapture

    I have the same problem.

    Dangerous Spyware
    Many viruses were found in your computer such as: Trojan horses, PassCapture,etc. Your personal information can fall into the: third hands”.

    I tried AVG, solve nothing. It has blocked SuperAntiSpyware & Malwarebytes and cannot be run. I tried Avast! and Advanced System Care, but soved half of the problem. Every time that I restart the PC Avast! run and finds more malware. It’s a never ending. I went into the registry to unblock the Task Manager and the Desktop wallpaper. However, when I reboot my PC, this BS blocks all them again.

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    Re: Trojan horse Virus Passcapture

    It must be a fake antivirus that is forcing you to buy it. its a rogue spyware that mostley appears with diffrent names like ANTIVIRUS 2009, XP ANTISPYWARE, VIRUS REMOVER 2008, VIRUS RESPONS LAB etc. it has many diffrent names to trap users, these a days it uses ANTIVIRUS PRO 2010 and ANTIVIRUS 360. these all fake antiviruses are rogue spyware, a clone from ANTIVIRUS 2009. Antivirus 2009 is an unwanted program, from the authors of Antivirus 2008 . (it has many clones like antivirus 2010, antivirus 360, virus responselab 2009, ultimate antivirus etc). These applications have resembling interface and "features". After stealth installation, Antivirus 2009 will show tonns of fake spyware\adware detection messages and offers to remove reported threats (after you purchase commercial version). But in real Antivirus 2009 is not a spyware cleaner, it's just an imitation of spyware remover. Antivirus 2009 can also slow your computer and cause system errors and crashes. Remove Antivirus 2009 using manual removal instructions (for advanced users) or removal tool.

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    Re: Trojan horse Virus Passcapture

    remove trojan responsible for its generation (using Spyware Doctor with antivirus). The scan is free and would definitely indicate the source of danger, though manual removal of “Warning Dangerous Spyware” pop-up is not recommended as there is a threat of trojan’s intervention with consequent system collapse and even disk formatting. It is thus recommended to continue using security program recommended here for removal of rogues found in the scan and for future system protection.

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    Re: Trojan horse Virus Passcapture

    Its a case of virus or trojan horse , try to download and install , update and scan the compute with Malwarebytes , it will surelly help .

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