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Thread: restrict the print users

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    restrict the print users

    I have configured a network printer (HP LJ 4345mfp) and shared in our AD environment.
    Now I want to restrict the users from giving more than 50 pages. They should not be able to give more than 50 pages per day.
    Can we restrict the users from server or by using some policy or should we use some third party software.
    Anything Please suggest me with this issue.


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    Re: restrict the print users

    By default, a user can map printers on any print server and can print (provided they have permission), and the Everyone group has print permissions, by default. If you want to restrict a group of users to specific print servers on Windows XP SP1 and later machines, you can use Group Policy. Start the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC), and open a GPO or create one that links to a domain or OU containing the users who should be restricted to specific print servers. In the GPO, go to User Configuration, Administrative Templates, Control Panel, Printers. Double-click "Point and Print Restrictions," and set to Enabled. Select the "Users can only point and print to these servers" check box, and enter the names of the servers users can print to. Separate multiple entries with a semicolon. Click OK to all dialog boxes, and close GPE. Refresh the policy on the clients for the change to take effect.
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    Re: restrict the print users

    Print Manager Plus 2008 is a software only print management product. It is licensed per a single print server running Windows Server or Workstation NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008. The product install changes nothing in the Windows infrastructure and relies only upon the standard Windows print
    Larger organizations running Windows Clustered servers, and Terminal Services or CITRIX based networks are also fully supported!
    Administrators hold on because Print Manager Plus will do the work for you. Product usability is way in the future, with an easy installation and setup, and complete integration with Windows Server, Print Manager Plus will literally run itself.

    Print Jobs being routed through a print server will all be audited no matter what operating system the print job is originating from. Once the print job has spooled through the print driver Print Manager Plus will audit data from Network Sources such as Workgroups, Active Directory, and LDAP.Print Manager Plus can set Quotas and Restrictions. Quotas and Restrictions can be set on a single or multiple users, user groups, and organizational units. Restrictions can be set directly on a printer or group of printers. Default settings can be turned on for new Users, and Printers added to the Active

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    Re: restrict the print users

    I want to restrict the users from giving more than 50 pages. They should not be able to give more than 50 pages per day.

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