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Thread: Is my pc infected

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    sad Is my pc infected

    Hey Everyone,

    I'm running Windows 7 on my system. Whenever i try to search for anything on Google, i get the following message that the site may not be safe and it contains malware that could harm your pc. I had disabled UAC from last few days. Can any one tell me that is my pc infected from malware? Does any one have any idea about it? Kindly suggest me your views regarding to this issue.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Re: Is my pc infected

    Providing you have a squared anti malware installed & updated to latest definitions, restart your PC and keep all programs closed. Launch a squared only. Then open Task Manager find Explorer.exe under the Processes tab and click End Process. Yes, you should terminate Explorer.exe the desktop will disappear. That's normal. Now you have only a squared visible (and Task Manager itself, you may close it by now). Run the a-squared scanner. FULL system scan. It will take some time to finish. Be patient.When finished, press ALT+CTRL+DEL to launch the controls, press Shutdown and select Restart. When restarted, your PC should be back to normal. If desktop is still showing scary image, change it manually. That image is harmelss because it's a graphics file and a squared considers it non-malicious.

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    Re: Is my pc infected

    You may experience any one or more of the following symptoms:

    • When you start your computer, or when your computer has been idle for many minutes, your Internet browser opens to display Web site advertisements.
    • When you use your browser to view Web sites, other instances of your browser open to display Web site advertisements.
    • Your Web browser's home page unexpectedly changes.
    • Web pages are unexpectedly added to your Favorites folder.
    • New toolbars are unexpectedly added to your Web browser.
    • You cannot start a program.
    • When you click a link in a program, the link does not work.
    • Your Web browser suddenly closes or stops responding.
    • It takes a much longer time to start or to resume your computer.
    • Components of Windows or other programs no longer work.

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    Re: Is my pc infected

    Follow the following steps to avoid any virus or malware on your system:-

    1. Update and run the defensive tools already on your computer.
    2. Run tools that look for viruses, worms and well-known trojans.
    3. Run tools that look for well-known adware and search hijacks.
    4. Create a report that will allow forum experts to do a manual examination for less common adware and trojans.
    5. Submit any malware that appears to be new or modified to the anti-malware vendors.
    6. Run tools that allow for examination of some security and system settings that might be changed by a hacker to allow remote control of the system.
    7. Determine the steps to clean the computer, and clean the computer
    8. Rescan to verify that the computer was successfully cleaned.
    9. Re-secure the computer and any accounts that may be violated. If applicable, report identity theft, cancel credit cards and change passwords.
    10. Check that the anti-virus monitor is working again.

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