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Thread: Pc Infected with Bloohound.W32.EP Virus or Not ?

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    Pc Infected with Bloohound.W32.EP Virus or Not ?

    Hello to all user of this . During a virus scan with Avast I have a Norton window that appears with the name of this virus: Bloohound.W32.EP and mark it impossible to repair this file. However, Avast does not find any virus and but norton keep appearing with these messages .as It was originally installed in my pc from the purchase of my PC, but later I installed Avast. but in the End really do not know that if I have a virus or not.Can you please HelpMe Solve this problem Thanks in Advance for your replies

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    Re: Pc Infected with Bloohound.W32.EP Virus or Not ?

    Hello , I tihnk the bloohound.w32.ep was made to get around nortons,try downloading FireFox 1.0 and do not import settings from internet explorer .that way you will still be able to get online. bloodhound will try to take over your mac,bridg 32 will also change your pass word in your content block your internet access.did you see a gray box pop up with red circle and a white x in the middle.if so you have more then 1 virus. bloodhound has friends that come with it most of the time.

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    Re: Pc Infected with Bloohound.W32.EP Virus or Not ?

    The bloodhound virus is more of a probable virus that may, or may not be a threat to your computer. A bloodhound virus is that file which Symantec’s Norton anti-virus may perceive as a virus, due to some of it traits. Thus, there is never an assurance that the file that Norton anti-virus has detected as a bloodhound virus is actually a virus or not.

    Bloodhound is not a virus in itself, but is actually a technology developed by Symantec that can detect various kinds of viral activity. This feature uses various heuristic algorithms to determine if a particular file is a virus. This it does by looking for certain codes or signatures in a file or a program that are similar to other known viruses. If Norton finds some file or a program that has similar “virus like” qualities, but cannot identify the virus, then it gives it one of the many names used by Norton, which starts with Bloodhound. Thus there is no guarantee that a bloodhound virus is actually a virus. It might just be some innocent program that sits on your computer, but unfortunately has some codes or signature that makes it look like a virus. However, sometimes it might be something serious, and might have far reaching consequences on your PC.

    Any such unknown virus will be given one of the following names by Norton Anti-virus-

    • Bloodhound.AOLPWS
    • Bloodhound.Boot
    • Bloodhound.Boot.String
    • Bloodhound.DirActCOM
    • Bloodhound.DirActEXE
    • Bloodhound.ExcelMacro
    • Bloodhound.ExcldFile
    • Bloodhound.FileString
    • Bloodhound.Hybrid
    • Bloodhound.HybridCOM
    • Bloodhound.HybridEXE
    • Bloodhound.MBR
    • Bloodhound.NeuralBoot
    • Bloodhound.NeuralMBR
    • Bloodhound.Poly
    • Bloodhound.ResCOM
    • Bloodhound.ResEXE
    • Bloodhound.Unknown
    • Bloodhound.VBS.Worm
    • Bloodhound.W32
    • Bloodhound.W32.EP
    • Bloodhound.JS.3 (probable Outlook worm)
    • Bloodhound.W32.1
    • Bloodhound.W32.2
    • Bloodhound.W32.3
    • Bloodhound.WordMacro
    • Bloodhound.ExcelMacro
    • Bloodhound.VBS.1 (probable IRC worm)
    • Bloodhound.VBS.2 (probable IRC worm)
    • Bloodhound.VBS.3 (probable Outlook worm)
    • Bloodhound.VBS.4 (probable VBS worm, created with worm generation tool)
    • Bloodhound.VBS.5 (probable VBS worm, created with worm generation tool)
    • Bloodhound.JS.1 (probable IRC worm)
    • Bloodhound.JS.2 (probable IRC worm

    However, if your PC is infected with a real bloodhound virus, it can have devastating results. Some of the virus are very dangerous and can cause complete break down of the system. Viruses like bloodhound.A virus can destroy the Master Boot Record (MBR) of the windows. It can also erase files from hard drive, and display message on user’s screen.

    If your PC is infected with a bloodhound virus, the first thing you should do is check your system with another anti-virus. You current anti-virus should be uninstalled and a new one loaded to do this. You could alternatively use an online scanner. If it is confirmed that your system is infected, there are different ways of removing such files, according to the type of virus. You will easily find such information on the web, and on the Symantec’s website. There are also many forums on the Internet where people can help you solve that particular problem. If timely action is taken, your PC will be saved, and you can also guard your system against such future attacks.

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    Re: Pc Infected with Bloohound.W32.EP Virus or Not ?

    Hello, First Uninstall the norton then do the following as follows

    1. Turn off System Restore - then Reboot
    2. Uninstall whatever anti-virus software you are currently running. Reboot
    3. Download free Avast! Anti-virus Home edition
    4. Set it to Run a "Boot Time Scan" - Reboot
    5. Select "Delete" to any of the prompts that come up by pressing:
    6. Delete
    7. Delete All (this is the preferred method so you won't be asked again)

    The scan should take 15 to 45 minutes to complete

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    Re: Pc Infected with Bloohound.W32.EP Virus or Not ?

    Hello Check this Symantec Link Hope it will be useful to you Here the Link

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    Re: Pc Infected with Bloohound.W32.EP Virus or Not ?

    Hello, We cannot ay either way since the whole point of heuristics seems to be that it uses mathematical probability, not known virus signatures, so your file could be innocent.Your first said Norton 'didn't take any action'. Try emptying Temp files etc. and rebooting and running another scan. If you get the same result, see if the file gets Quarantined this time. If it is Quarantined it definitely can't harm your computer, Goodluck

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