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Thread: Addresses IP of router

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    Addresses IP of router

    how I can know adress IP of my router knowing that dhcp is decontaminated and I do not want to make reset of my router

    Thank you

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    Re: Addresses IP of router

    Commande: ipconfig/all

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    Re: Addresses IP of router

    in the configuration of network servers

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    Re: Addresses IP of router

    If it is in DHCP, ipconfig /all will not give anything since the waiter is not active in the router.

    If it is not in DHCP, it is not obvious that configured waiter DNS is the address of the router, rather the footbridge.

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    Re: Addresses IP of router

    I.e. does an address APIPA for the PC (of the kind) and address it of the router in footbridge?

    You can with the rigour continue to have your IP thanks to the lease obtained (in general a week) but as there waiter DHCP is decontaminated, it did not obtain a lease.

    Make a ipconfig /release with decontaminated waiter DHCP and I doubt that you have a IP and a footbridge.

    Try to make a ipconfig /renew Re-to behind obtain an address and you will carnage.

    If not me the receipt gives as to all people who spend of the money to make turn and maintain waiters DHCP.

    A ipconfig /all with a decontaminated waiter DHCP and not of lease in progress:

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