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Thread: Not able to connect my friend on LAN?

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    Not able to connect my friend on LAN?

    I and my friend are connected through local area network along with many other users.We all used to transfer files and folders through network messenger(IPMsg). But these days, I cannot connect with most of the users including my friend. However, I can see some of them. When I asked my internet-provider, he told that there is some topology issue?
    What do you mean by that?

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    Re: Not able to connect my friend on LAN?

    The term topology means- how we layout our computers in a network. There are basically five types of topologies:
    1.Star Topology
    2.Mesh Topology
    3.Bus Topology
    4.Ring Topology
    5.Tree Topology

    1. Star Topology
    In this type all device are connected with each other through single hub by a cabel.all data are transferred from one computers to other.The main disadvantage is if hub damaged all network will get lost

    2. Mesh Topology
    In this each and every computer is connected to each other
    so whole network form a mesh.
    The disadvantage is that it takes lot of wires,and if one computer damaged whole of the network shutdown.

    3. Bus Topology
    In this topology, all divece are connected to a single cable in a linear form.The data is transferred from that cable to each and every device
    Advantage:It uses less cable than other form for connecting devices.
    Disadvantage: If any fault occur in the main cable through which all device's are connected ,then all the network get disturbed.

    4. Ring Topology
    All the devices are connected in the form of ring and data is transferred from one computer to other in a form of ring.
    Advantage: Data Transferred from one computer to another computer in a sequential way.
    Disadvantage:If any fault occur in a cable during flow of data whole of the network get damaged.

    5. Tree Topology
    It is most useful one in this one hub is connected to other hub &each hub is connected with two or more device it form a branhes of tree like structure.
    Advantage:if any hub is damaged it'll not affect whole of the network it is a most preffered one topologies now day's
    Disadvantage:It's much more costly than any other form of topologies.

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    Re: Not able to connect my friend on LAN?

    Since someone had already given the detailed information about the network topologies, I think that your internet-provider had set up mesh topology previously(since you were able to connect every user on LAN).
    Now he had setup any other form of network topology..

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