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Thread: sharing printer off XP home to XP pro

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    sad sharing printer off XP home to XP pro

    I am stuck in a loop trying to get a workgroup set in an XP pro to: "QPC" so that I can use an printer asset that is connected to an XP home computer, both are desktops.

    I've had difficulty in the past with XP home units trying to get to XP pro assests, but never the other way around.

    No matter how many times, I try to put the XP pro computer into the workgroup of "QPC" with or without reboots, when I come back to view network neighborhood, it's appears that it did not take and I wind up trying to establish the workgroup once again, (actually expecting a different result, like success) ...

    - Thanks in advance Michael
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    - Thanks & take care M.D.
    Michael De Tomaso

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    Re: sharing printer off XP home to XP pro

    Do you have file & printer sharing enabled? Did you share the printer as well
    as individual files on the network? XP requires you to share individual files
    & printers by right clicking on each and selecting Sharing & security. Look
    up 'Share printer' in Help to see what steps you missed. Make sure the
    connected computer & printer are both on.

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